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 Green/Blue lvl 27~62 weapon/equitment!

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PostSubject: Green/Blue lvl 27~62 weapon/equitment!   Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:02 pm

Lvl 27
Crocodile\'s ax------------------2h axe-----------str+10

Lvl 34
Fighter\'s combat--------------glove
silent forest ------------------ boots
Nature energy ----------------glove----------move speed +11, mag att+1.6
Nature energy ----------------boots
Furios leather-----------------glove
Furios leather-----------------boots----------agi +3.8

Lvl 37
Crocodile scout---------------bow -----------str+10, spi+2.4 agi+2.8
Fox scout----------------------bow -----------dex+10

Lvl 42
Crocodile dagger-------------dagger---------str+10
Fox dagger------------------- dagger ------- dex+10
Elephant dagger -------------dagger -------- vit+10
Fox magic leather------------armor ----------dex+10, int+3, strke+1.5
Fox magic leather------------glove -----------dex+10
coyote magic leather---------boots------------mp rec +3.4

Lvl 46
Commander combat--------- boots
Furios leaher long-------------boots
Furios leather-----------------armor
Sharp wind leather--------- glove
Commanders holy----------- boots
Commanders protective----- glove ------------ phy att +1.3, str+1.1
Commanders protective -----armor------------ vit+6.8
Shoes of vit ------------------ boots
Guardians -------------------- glove
Wind curtain-------------------glove
North wind leather------------ glove

Lvl 47
Elephant cabbage slasher----2h sword---------mag at +1.9, str+0.9
Crocodile savage axe---------2h axe-----------str+10, int+1.9, Mp+84
Elephant philosopher wand-----staff--------------int+6.7
Fox mithril leather------------ armor ------------int+3.9 Dex+10
Fox chris-----------------------dagger------------- Dex+10

Lvl 54
Wild cat leather---------------boots
Mana storm -------------------boots------------hp+150
Guardian spirit leather-------boots

Lvl 62
Coyote cross belt leather------boots ----------- int+10


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PostSubject: Re: Green/Blue lvl 27~62 weapon/equitment!   Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:06 pm

Shocked Wth... so rich Sad

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Green/Blue lvl 27~62 weapon/equitment!
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