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 A Bit Of Courtesy Are Required In Wow

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PostSubject: A Bit Of Courtesy Are Required In Wow    Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:22 pm

It is time for everyone to get all angry and talk about how they hardcore raiders are ruining their dungeoning experience after all the “OMG new LFG rocks!”. To that I say: we are not all that bad.
The small group of friends I run WOW Gold with is mostly comprised of progression raiders. We are geared, we have run the instances countless times, we want to get them done and collect our badges. Our alts are better geared than your main. But it is OK though – we are not expecting you to know all the bosses, put out 3k Cheap WOW Gold chain pull everything or heal 3 packs of trash. We have the advantage of experience, gold and friends.
What we do expect is a bit of courtesy. “Hello”, “please” and “I do not know how to do this” never killed anyone. Actually, it might even help you – we have a lot of alts and can give advice. We all want to get it done and we are not trigger happy with the “Vote to kick” button. If you are a nice person we will even boost you, take you on more runs and shower epics on your head if the RNG is kind. Even if you suck, we will not QQ in party chat, we will keep it in whispers or in the guild because we do not want you to feel bad, and most people do not like unasked-for advice. If we end up with an idiot in the group, we will defend you because, guess what, some of us still remember how heroics felt like when 2k DPS was good.
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A Bit Of Courtesy Are Required In Wow
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