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  The PVP In Rift Is So Cool, How Do You Think?

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PostSubject: The PVP In Rift Is So Cool, How Do You Think?   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:37 am

As for PVP, it is my favourite part. If there is a game, its PVP is bad. I will never play. How about rift? It really attracts me.
In the beginning, I played Warhammer OL hopefully with RIFT Platinum. When I had a team and was ready to kill enemies, I found I had been killed!? Yes, in Warhammer OL, NPC would not be killed. However, if I just killed BPC, its PVP is weak. WOW and rift are cooler.
In many villages, there is a life stone and small foothold. There are task NPC and therapist NPC. What about the life stone is killed by enemies? Do not have doub. NPC will be changed into the others guard. And monsters also will Buy rift Platinum and invade these task points. So when you are online, you will fight with many monsters. Meanwhile, you will see that life stone is exploded and NPC is changed.
Before BETA4 is finished, the stone life in our main city gate will be killed. And the guard will be changed, then massacre will begin. Oh, my god. So cool it is.lol. If we do not kill the their guards, the new Patrol Guard will appear. Then temporary life stone is made. Then a large number of guards and Cheap rift Platinum will appear. So terrible it is. If we do not kill them, I think it will become more and more just like plague.
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The PVP In Rift Is So Cool, How Do You Think?
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