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 If You Have More Haste, It Means More Hitting

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PostSubject: If You Have More Haste, It Means More Hitting   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:37 am

More effort, it means you have more probability to success; more Cheap wow gold, it means you will have a more wonderful time in world of warcraft; in the game, more haste, it means more hitting
As for the last specs using haste, thet are the resource managers: Death knights, feral druids/rogues, and hunters all have abilities that are limited by their resources, not by their cooldowns. Energy replenishment for feral druids and rogues scales with haste at a rate that is most noticeable during large haste effects. Warriors generate rage through their white hits; more auto-attacks means more rage, which translates into more special ability use.
Death knights get a double whammy from haste: It increases their rune regeneration, which allows them to use their rune strikes more. Using rune strikes generates runic power, which allows them to cast their RP dumps more. Their RP dumps then each have a chance of proccing Runic Empowerment, giving you more runes. Death knights scale better than any other melee class with haste and WOW GOLD.
Hunters also double dip in haste. First off, haste works with focus in a similar way to rogue energy, replenishing it faster the more haste you have. Second, hunters have haste plateaus that allow them to weave more Steady Shots and Cobra Shots in between their focus-costing shots. Since SS and CS build focus themselves, this in turn allows them to cast more of their higher-damage shots that cost focus. All of these classes mentioned also share auto-attack/auto-shot haste scaling with enhancement shaman.
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If You Have More Haste, It Means More Hitting
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