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 -= Online Game =- Forums Guidelines

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PostSubject: -= Online Game =- Forums Guidelines   -= Online Game =-  Forums Guidelines Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 5:54 pm

1. Post your threads in the correct sections.

Any content related to trading or price checking of in-game items are to be made in the respective gamesí trade sections. Please read the short descriptions of each forum section and find out which is the most appropriate place to start your new thread.

2. Browse through the forum before creating new topics.

Repeated topics can cause frustrations to other users who have limited time. It is annoying to find the same discussion scattered with little or no development in content.

Always use the Search function first before creating new threads for discussion.

3. Read the Announcement sections and pinned topics.

Update yourself with the latest news and happenings before posting new threads.

4. Post your thread title clearly.

If you wish to generate a buzz with your discussion, it is your responsibility to inform other users what your thread is about.

Do NoT PoSt lYk tiS or @@@@@@@@@Like this@@@@@@@@!

5. Do not reveal your or otherís personal information in the -= Online Game =- Forums.

In the Internet community, information is accessible to all. It is the individualís responsibility to safeguard their own interests.

6. Do not quote excessively.

Quote only the post which you wish to address and refrain from multi-quoting. Should there be an [IMG] tag / picture, kindly remove it before quoting.

7. Do not make pointless threads or spam.

Any posts generally consisting of less than 5 words will be considered as spam. This will include posts which are meaningless or irrelevant to the thread discussion:

"lame lar"
"dun spam leh"
"lol (word)(word)(word)(word)"

Avoid double posting as well. If you wish to bring attention to your thread, kindly bump your thread sparingly. Do not bump the thread if it is still in Page 1 of the respective channel / section. If the thread is beyond 9 months old, you are advised to create a new thread for discussion.

This is a forum community. Not an instant messaging system.

Examples of spamming activities:
- (Excessive) posting of threads or replies containing similar content throughout the forum.
- (Excessive) posting of non-relevant replies in threads.
- (Excessive) bumping of threads or bumping of old threads.
- Creation of new threads to promote another.
- Deliberate posting of new threads at the wrong forum section.

8. Refrain from posting objectionable materials and engaging in illegal discussions.

This will involve pictures and discussions containing pornographic, vulgarities, violence and any other explicit content.

Users are to refrain from engaging in sensitive issues relating to religion, culture, race and any others sedition discussions.

Releasing of false information in an attempt to cause disturbance and confusion among forum users will not be tolerated.

The -= Online Game =- Forums do not support any discussion involving the distribution of third party software / applications (inclusive of unauthorized window modes), memory editors, hacks / keyloggers, or any form of actions that can alter any of AsiaSoft titles, violating the User Abuse Policies.

All players are strongly encouraged to download the respective gamesí patches via their official websites. Patch files from other unauthorized websites may contain keyloggers, viruses, or modified files deemed not legit / not approved by the game developers .

9. Refrain from flaming, trolling and slandering.

Flaming involves attacking a person or his/her views in a disrespectful manner.
Trolling involves consistent disrespectful attacks for entertainment.
Slandering involves falsifying a situation or person in an attempt to defame or insult.

Users of the forum are to refrain from personal attacks and the usage of profanities in their posts.

Please exercise sound judgment before posting or creating threads that might draw flames from other forum users due to the sensitive contents involved.

10. No abusing of Report function.

The Report function helps to the alert the -= Online Game =- Forum Moderators to a specific post. This is exceptionally helpful with regards to posts such as hacking and other illegal activities.

Please refrain from using the Report button unnecessarily as this will hinder the PlayPark Forums Moderators from carrying out their tasks effectively.
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-= Online Game =- Forums Guidelines
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