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 What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE

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What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE Empty
PostSubject: What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE   What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2007 11:20 am

To all Maplers,I'm here to say out whatever I had saw and experienced in MapleSEA.I had no offence to anyone,I just want to share what type of treatment I had got in Maple.If anyone,you may also share your experience and stand out to say WHAT UNFAIR TREATS TO YOU

Wasting too much time and $$ in this game-when I got hacked,i get nothing in finally-

The manner of Maplers-Vulgaristic,bullying,anyhow make story to scold ppl-

Unfair treatment of GMs-I had ever seen 2ppl[A is lv lower,B is lv high(15x)],A hacking,banned,but i saw B vac-hacking in "sotong map2" until now he lv17x,but none of GMs take action on this hacker-

Unfair treatment at ZK squad-when I'm 1st time to zakum,i clicked leader of the squad.Someone from 1 guild(quite often in zakuming) tell me:"try n go in".And because i had waited for many hours at there.so i go in...But after that he scold me in whisper and ask guild ban me from zakuming...W'T'F?-

Realistic of some Maplers-from i play Maple[lv1 til lv135] had 1year++,i saw many $$ face Maplers or those Maplers who just friend/talk to those level high people,BUT i NEVER saw anyone that can stand out and talk for justice when someone bullied-

Selfish-Maple fellows even buddies will ask to lend cash or mesos in case of urgently sometime,I everytime can lend them,and never ask them to return back in a short time,but when I'm asking to borrow something from them,they all just keep quiet and say "don't have".

Cheaters and scammers
-Yet i always saw people(naked) and ask for mesos or items at FreeMarket from people because they say they were hacked.So I give them some supplies as in mesos,potions.But when 5mins later,he's/she's in fully armor and weapon??!!Of course not everyone is like that.I help people when they're ineed,but what I get finally?Keep on scolded by people?Please remember that tolerance got limition-

Always "ks" and raiding-20channels in a server,4 servers in MapleSEA,over 300 training places.But why there are many ksing and raiding in MapleSEA?And sometime use megaphone to scold people somemore,this will straightly hurt his/her feelings-

There are few Maplers that are unhappy with someone and say "dun let me see u in rl/cyber,or u die","want tio taiji ah?meet xxxx lar"...etc etc

These all all reasons had already become a part of stress in my life.MapleSEA is a game to share fun with all people in different places,different countries.But now it seems MapleSEA had becoming like a "Emperor",who had the fames-stay,or else disqualified by others

and the same way,i would like to say good bye to all my maple frens n GMs.thanks you all

by ALEXTAN0203
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What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE Empty
PostSubject: maple >_< don get me started   What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE Icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2008 1:31 pm

dam maple ! >_< sounds so bad rite ? no la nt so bad la i always hate to having find map ...

i hate it to see those ppl whoz lvl nt really supposed to train there then struggle to kill ... then still can tell u "CC la wan guild war isit ? " and 1 more thing is ... Selling map WTF is tt ? who r u to sell wizets map ?
just immagine every1 owns a map then ... onli 20 ppl can play on a particular map ? wad crap rite ?

then since i hermit always get frammed of being a kser ! and these are the times when i never ks ! such thing irritate me

the "best" part ... got some ppl sell me map and then after a while some other guy walks along and claims map is his ... and says i tio con not his prob if wan map buy from him >_<" and nt cheap ok ! 3mil i pay for tt map ... and it's such a obvious scam cos bth the "sellers" are from same guild >_<" they still wanna ask for guild war -_- wadz up wif tt ?

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What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE Holykiss3
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What UNFAIR TREATS had done to you in MAPLE
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