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PostSubject: L_O_V_E   Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:26 pm

Guild Name: L_O_V_E

Description of Guild:Welcome To L_O_V_E!
Do not apply if LOYALTY is not in ur dictionary!
to play ,We To Win,We Ur help. We To dance.

Guild created on: 7th April 2008

Guild motto: You'll Never Dance Alone

Number of members: 100

Guild requirements: Welcome All ^_^
レひ√. -If ur a guild hopper dont even bother to apply.

Rules: ღNo vulgarities
ღNo insulting of other members and guilds
ღNo sexual harrassment
ღDo not offend other guild people
ღSpeak politely to all members
ღDo not ask other players out of the rooms for no reason
ღDo not be rude
ღBe true to L_O_V_E with all your heart
ღHave fun in our guild aka as yours (:
ღDun spam on the cbox
ღDun settle your problems in 'WAR'

-To get ur own personalised guild signature, please follow these simple steps:
1.Take a screenshot of ur character which u would wan to appear in ur signature. Do not take one that ur character is too small.
2.Attach the screenshot and send an email to g_jingjing@hotmail.com
3.Include ur IGN.
Please be patient with the processing. It might take about a week for the signature to be ready. Works on a first come first served basis.
-Strictly NO spamming in the this thread.
-NO multi-guilding.

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PostSubject: 『L_O_V_E P4rAdi5e』   Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:04 am

Xiao mei Iris remember to update the guild in this forum OKIE guild name also change liao see when u got time then change lor. ^^

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