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 how to write in coloured letters-full guide

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PostSubject: how to write in coloured letters-full guide   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:45 am

As many folks keep on asking "How can you write in colorful letters?"
Below are full instructions.

Before typing your sentence, use the command below.
[@FC=0xFFcolor number signature;@]

For example, to type in yellow:

This is how it will look if u want to write yellow on trade channel.
/e [@FC=0xFFFFFF00;@] your text

Keep in mind that this color code is counted as well as signs.
Holic has a limited number of them per 1 sentence so your sentence can not be as long as a colored one.

Here is a list of "Netscape named colors" (Or photo shops)

(Codes simplified, Highlight the code and either right click and select copy, or Cntrl C, both ways will work as long as the code is highlighted

press "cntrl v" to paste. Notice, it will appear blank, but while you type, it will be in color.
You must repeat the pasting each time you want to use color. It is suggested to post the colors youd like to use in
notepad for easier access.)

aliceblue- [@FC=0xFFF0F8FF;@]
antiquewhite- [@FC=0xFFFAEBD7;@]
agua- [@FC=0xFF00FFFF;@]
aquamarine- [@FC=0xFF7FFFD4;@]
azure- [@FC=0xFFF0FFFF;@]
beige- [@FC=0xFFF5F5DC;@]
bisque- [@FC=0xFFFFE4DC;@]
black- [@FC=0xFF000000;@]
blanchedalmond- [@FC=0xFFFFEBCD;@]
blue- [@FC=0xFF0000FF;@]
blue violet- [@FC=0xFF8A2BE2;@]
brown- [@FC=0xFFA52A2A;@]
burlywood- [@FC=0xFFDEB887;@]
cadet blue- [@FC=0xFF5F9EA0;@]
chartreuse- [@FC=0xFF7FFF00;@]
chocolate- [@FC=0xFFD2691E;@]
coral- [@FC=0xFFFF7F50;@]
cornflower blue- [@FC=0xFF6495ED;@]
cornsilk- [@FC=0xFFFFF8DC;@]
crimson- [@FC=0xFFDC143C;@]
cyan- [@FC=0xFF00FFFF;@]
dark blue- [@FC=0xFF00008B;@]
dark cyan- [@FC=0xFF008B8B;@]
dark goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFB8860B;@]
dark gray- [@FC=0xFFA9A9A9;@]
dark green- [@FC=0xFF006400;@]
dark khaki- [@FC=0xFFBDB76B;@]
dark magenta- [@FC=0xFF8B008B;@]
dark olivegreen- [@FC=0xFF556B2F;@]
dark orange- [@FC=0xFFFF8C00;@]
dark orchid- [@FC=0xFF9932CC;@]
dark red- [@FC=0xFF8B0000;@]
dark salmon- [@FC=0xFFE9967A;@]
dark seagreen- [@FC=0xFF8FBC8F;@]
dark slateblue- [@FC=0xFF483D8B;@]
dark slategray- [@FC=0xFF2F4F4F;@]
dark turquoise- [@FC=0xFF00BFFF;@]
dark violet- [@FC=0xFF9400D3;@]
deep pink- [@FC=0xFFFF1493;@]
deep skyblue- [@FC=0xFF00BFFF;@]
dim gray- [@FC=0xFF696969;@]
dodger blue- [@FC=0xFF1E90FF;@]
firebrick- [@FC=0xFFB22222;@]
floral white- [@FC=0xFFFFFAF0;@]
forest green- [@FC=0xFF228B22;@]
fuchsia- [@FC=0xFFFF00FF;@]
gainsboro- [@FC=0xFFDCDCDC;@]
ghost white- [@FC=0xFFF8F8FF;@]
gold- [@FC=0xFFFFD700;@]
goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFDAA520;@]
gray- [@FC=0xFF808080;@]
green- [@FC=0xFF008000;@]
green-yellow [@FC=0xFFADFF2F;@]
honeydew- [@FC=0xFFF0FFF0;@]
hotpink- [@FC=0xFFFF69B4;@]
indian red- [@FC=0xFFCD5C5C;@]
indigo- [@FC=0xFF4B0082;@]
ivory- [@FC=0xFFFFFFF0;@]
khaki- [@FC=0xFFF0E68C;@]
lavender- [@FC=0xFFE6E6FA;@]
levender blush- [@FC=0xFFFFF0F5;@]
lawngreen- [@FC=0xFF7CFC00;@]
lemon chiffon- [@FC=0xFFFFFACD;@]
light blue- [@FC=0xFFADD8E6;@]
light coral- [@FC=0xFFF08080;@]
light cyan- [@FC=0xFFE0FFFF;@]
light goldenrodyellow- [@FC=0xFFFAFAD2;@]
light green- [@FC=0xFF90EE90;@]
light grey- [@FC=0xFFD3D3D3;@]
light pink- [@FC=0xFFFFB6C1;@]
light salmon- [@FC=0xFFFFA07A;@]
light seagreen- [@FC=0xFF20B2AA;@]
light skyblue- [@FC=0xFF87CEFA;@]
light slategray- [@FC=0xFF778899;@]
light steelblue- [@FC=0xFFB0C4DE;@]
light yellow- [@FC=0xFFFFFFE0;@]
lime- [@FC=0xFF00FF00;@]
linen- [@FC=0xFFFAF0E6;@]
magenta- [@FC=0xFFFF00FF;@]
maroon- [@FC=0xFF800000;@]
medium aquamarine- [@FC=0xFF66CDAA;@]
medium blue- [@FC=0xFF0000CD;@]
medium orchid- [@FC=0xFFBA55D3;@]
medium purple- [@FC=0xFF9370DB;@]
medium seagreen- [@FC=0xFF3CB371;@]
medium slateblue- [@FC=0xFF7B68EE;@]
medium springgreen- [@FC=0xFF00FA9A;@]
medium turquoise- [@FC=0xFF48D1CC;@]
medium violetred- [@FC=0xFFCD1585;@]
midnight blue- [@FC=0xFF191970;@]
mintcream- [@FC=0xFFF5FFFA;@]
mistyrose- [@FC=0xFFFFE4E1;@]
moccasin- [@FC=0xFFFFE4B5;@]
navajo white- [@FC=0xFFFFDEAD;@]
navy- [@FC=0xFF000080;@]
oldlace- [@FC=0xFFFDF5E6;@]
olive- [@FC=0xFF808000;@]
olive drab- [@FC=0xFF6B8E23;@]
orange- [@FC=0xFFFFA500;@]
orange red- [@FC=0xFFFF4500;@]
orchid- [@FC=0xFFDA70D6;@]
pale goldenrod- [@FC=0xFFEEE8AA;@]
pale green- [@FC=0xFF98FB98;@]
pale turquoise- [@FC=0xFFAFEEEE;@]
pale violetred- [@FC=0xFFDB7093;@]
papaya whip- [@FC=0xFFFFEFD5;@]
peachpuff- [@FC=0xFFFFDAB9;@]
peru- [@FC=0xFFCD853F;@]
pink- [@FC=0xFFFFC0CB;@]
plum- [@FC=0xFFDDA0DD;@]
powder blue- [@FC=0xFFB0E0E6;@]
purple- [@FC=0xFF800080;@]
red- [@FC=0xFFFF0000;@]
rosy brown- [@FC=0xFFBC8F8F;@]
royal blue- [@FC=0xFF4169E1;@]
saddle brown- [@FC=0xFF8B4513;@]
salmon- [@FC=0xFFFA8072;@]
sandybrown- [@FC=0xFFF4A460;@]
sea green- [@FC=0xFF2E8B57;@]
seashel-l [@FC=0xFFFFF5EE;@]
sienna- [@FC=0xFFA0522D;@]
silver- [@FC=0xFFC0C0C0;@]
skyblue -[@FC=0xFF87CEEB;@]
slate blue- [@FC=0xFF6A5ACD;@]
slate gray- [@FC=0xFF708090;@]
snow- [@FC=0xFFFFFAFA;@]
spring green- [@FC=0xFF00FF7F;@]
steel blue- [@FC=0xFF4682B4;@]
tan- [@FC=0xFFD2B48C;@]
teal- [@FC=0xFF008080;@]
thistle- [@FC=0xFFD8BFD8;@]
tomato- [@FC=0xFFFF6347;@]
turquoise- [@FC=0xFF40E0D0;@]
violet- [@FC=0xFFEE82EE;@]
wheat -[@FC=0xFFF5DEB3;@]
white- [@FC=0xFFFFFFFF;@]
white smoke- [@FC=0xFFF5F5F5;@]
yellow- [@FC=0xFFFFFF00;@]
yellow green- [@FC=0xFF9ACD32;@]

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PostSubject: Re: how to write in coloured letters-full guide   Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:28 pm

thanks for your sharing. it is useful to me/ cheers
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how to write in coloured letters-full guide
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