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 10 reasons y ro2 should be f2p

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PostSubject: 10 reasons y ro2 should be f2p   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:55 am

10 reasons y ro2 should be f2p:
-The game would be more populated regardless of age(more people would play)
-Easier to find the item u wana buy (as more people plays that game,market will be bigger.)
-People would tend to play longer as its free if they find it nice.
-Allows alot of poeple who dun noe what ro is to try ro2.
-More friends to make.
-Easier to find party slots.
-Can play the game without worrying when and how u gona buy a prepaid card.
-can play that game anytime u want without wasting any money.
-allows players to train at their own pace(since its free,no point of rushing lvls right?^_^)
-There would be kids from maple story to argue with when your bored.

well this are my reasons.....whats yours?

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10 reasons y ro2 should be f2p
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