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 Talent Discussion

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PostSubject: Talent Discussion   Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:24 am

Have something to say about the talent for WOTLK this is the right thread.

Druid - They got a huge buff in balance and resto (Which make them more OP in arena which they already is) but personally i think feral tree is still in a mess and in need of more polishing.

Shaman - From what i have seens in the beta (Yes i am in the beta =X) we are still pretty much the worse class beside from resto tree being more viable, Ele and enh is still lackluster.

Warrior - Bladestorm is a joke, with the new stuff that other class is getting warrior is lacking in every department. The only good toy that they have will only be in the fury tree. Titan grip and Furious attack (Tier 8 talent with the same effect as mortal strike)

Hunter - Majority of the issue is still not solved, i still get them pretty easy on my mage. Deep freeze anyone? Lock and load seems like a good talent and not to forget the new pet talent. Maybe just maybe they will be good in arena again. *Cross finger*

Mage - With the new talent like Arcane Barrage (Arcane) and Deep freeze (Frost) and new added survival they are the new king of pvp (Personal opinion)

Ok i dont really know about the few classes so i leave that to others. Feel free to discussion the new talent here~~ Less QQ more PewPew!!

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Talent Discussion
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