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 Crazy Race

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PostSubject: Crazy Race   Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:30 am


Here are some tips for Crazy Race. They are not tricks.

1. Always practice your tricks properly before using it in a race when you're playing.

2. Never copy other's people trick with any permission. You can copy tricks which are commonly used, but not other people's trick which is like a record trick or a trick which only a few peeps know.

3. Try to invent your own tricks by trying it in the Challenge section or trying it with your friends.

4. Try to avoid being banged by other people when you're doing tricks, Esp WK Users! ('Try' to avoid, Even though banging is unavoidable.)

5. Never scold or whine when you got banged,Esp vulgarities Banging is unavoidable at almost all the time, But it can be stilll avoid sometimes.

6.If you're unhappy about the person who bang you continuously, Ask him to try not to bang you too much or Go to other rooms to play.

7. Get yourself updated with new records everyday! Esp at the 'Post your Records' thread, which mostly records SS are from there posted by other people who made their own records.

8. Try to save and earn Toz to buy some Kangas which are need for some special tricks.

9. Don't use kangas which is not suitable for the trick, It ruins your game!

10. Don't show off when you made any Pro records, as everyone have still many more to learn. Always be humble.

11.Drink some coke or any drinks that can relax you. Exercise your fingers by stretching or cracking them which most peeps love to do so.Do them when waiting for the race to start.(Credits to Judemaverick for suggesting this. )

12. Try to lag or boost lag too much, It may ruin your game! (Credits to Xiin for suggesting this. )

13. Don't play Crazy Race when you're still a newbie with no good,useful tricks. It's an unwise choice to make.[ Credits to Sylicas for suggesting this. ]

14. Don't beg for choosing your own maps when it is Winner Choose Map mode OR Randomizing Mode. You might be kicked!

15. Don't blame anyone when you fail a trick. It isn't their fault. Even they banged you and you failed, it isn't their fault either. Bang is unavoidable!

16. Take a break once in a while and do some streching. If you never take break you will become kind of "blur" from staring at screen to long. [ Credits: Aviana]

Note: This thread doesn't welcome flamings.

Any more tips? Post your own tips here for Crazy Races!

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Crazy Race
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